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Our expert curators will find the right titles for your company's book club. Choose from the best nonfiction, fiction and business titles.

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Books are delivered in daily instalments via our mobile apps and web platform, allowing readers to take part in a digital, company-wide book club.

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  • Curated

    Choose from our selection of top titles

  • Discuss

    Read together and discuss with fellow employees

  • Daily Instalments

    30 minutes of reading per day

  • On The Go

    Read on our iOS or Android app

  • Data

    Full visibility of reader engagement and completion rates

Benefits for your organisation

  • A community-building tool to create connections and talking points between colleagues.
  • Inspire employees’ curiosity and imagination, boost their knowledge and help them de-stress.
  • A curated reading list to complement relevant corporate issues/discussions.
  • Cost-effective distribution of the most topical and relevant books.
Benefits for you
Use The Pigeonhole to drive thought-leadership and inspire your staff to find new ways of thinking about and approaching problems.

Benefits for your staff

Benefits for your staff
Reading together makes people happier workers. Reading has also been proven to improve empathy and boost staff morale.
  • Enjoy community togetherness and build relationships within departments and across the wider organisation.
  • Share ideas with senior management and colleagues on a spectrum of topics.
  • Access the key books of the moment, spurring creative and entrepreneurial thought.
  • De-stress and escape for 30 minutes a day. Reading is good for your health!

Boost morale, well-being and strategic thinking

Shared reading experiences spark creative thought and build empathy between colleagues. Unlock potential across your organisation with the right content delivered to the right people in the right way.

  • Reading the same book helps make you feel part of our community – as you then have something in common with everyone else… It is your passport to meeting people, making friends, having conversations about the wider world.
    It’s an opportunity to play with ideas and opinions.”

    Professor Julius Weinberg Vice Chancellor at Kingston University, organiser of the Big Read
  • Reading does prompt empathy, which in turn can translate into helping another person.”

    Scientific American Mind, Oatley 2011
  • People rated highest by their peers in emotional intelligence received the biggest raises and were promoted most frequently.”

    Harvard Business Review, Lopes 2006
  • We draw on the same brain networks when we’re reading stories and when we’re trying to guess at another person’s feelings.”

    The New Yorker

For more information, contact Laurence at laurence@thepigeonhole.com


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Join our commmunity of readers or read with friends in your own private book club.


And read it in bite-sized instalments – called staves – that fit busy modern lives.


Save your favourite bits and leave thoughts to connect with fellow readers.


Beautiful extras in the margins immerse you in the world of each book.

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