The Pigeonhole is the global book club in your pocket

A book was once the best means of mass communication; now it is the phone. But there is no longer a need to choose between the two. The Pigeonhole is at the forefront of a new era of mobile reading, launching our titles in bite-sized instalments, or staves, designed to fit into any reader’s life.

All our books, from classics to new releases, are Pigeon-picked by a team of industry-trained professionals. Each serialisation is accompanied by bonus content – from interviews with the author to audio staves, playlists and photographs. Meet real-time with the author and other readers inside the book, or set up a private book club to read and discuss with friends and family.

Launched in September 2014, The Pigeonhole has already been nominated for the Digital Innovation Awards at the London Book Fair, and its founding editor Anna Jean Hughes was named as a Rising Star of the publishing industry by The Bookseller magazine.

Working with these excellent people

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We collaborate with publishers to offer a new kind of platform through which to promote and sell Pigeon-picked books from your lists.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with us:


  • Boost the buzz for your book before it hits the shelf
  • Breathe life into backlist titles
  • Introduce your author to readers with an integrated commenting system
  • Enhance your book with embedded multimedia extras
  • Build a customised, branded book page for each of your titles


  • Create closed reading groups in our Private Book Clubs to try your titles on a curated audience
  • Publish titles directly into our PCB to allow private reading between friends
  • Access our worldwide audience to reach new markets and maximise revenue


  • Interact with your readers direct to hear their thoughts on your books
  • Use our detailed data to learn all about your audience and how they’ve engaged with your title


  • Connect your author to Pigeonhole readers at our live events
  • Direct readers to your physical editions through our platform

For further details send an email to:

Jacob Cockcroft

Jacob is a lifelong book addict with a passion for blending the old and the new. With family origins in Zanzibar, he is a reformed corporate spy. Working extensively across Africa, he saw first hand the potential for mobile reading across emerging markets.

Anna Jean Hughes
Founder and Editorial Director

Anna has been in the publishing industry for almost ten years, working in editorial at Random House and then for Peter Fraser & Dunlop, a prominent literary agency. She works with books across all genres but particularly popular fiction. She was named a Rising Star of the publishing industry by The Bookseller, and shortlisted for the Digital Achiever of the Year Award at the Future Book Conference 2015.

Sarah Ream
Commissioning Editor

Sarah has a decade’s experience as an editor of narrative non-fiction, fiction and poetry. She’s worked for Birlinn and Polygon, Versal literary journal and Poetry International Rotterdam. She also mentors emerging and established writers through the Scottish Book Trust. As a Pigeon, she is responsible for finding, editing and promoting exceptional new titles for the list.

Paola Palencia
Lead Designer

Paola is a world-class user experience designer. Originally specialising in industrial design, she cut her teeth in the luxury design industry in New York before transitioning to the digital world. Her key focus is premium brand community-based platforms. She has ambitions to set up a Pigeonhole editorial hub in Mexico City!

Walid van Boetzelaer
Lead Developer

Walid is a full stack developer. When he is not building websites, you can find him exploring the possibilities of technology in interaction and performance-related projects. As a Pigeon, his tasks range from making sure everything goes smoothly on the technical side, to implementing new features. He believes The Pigeonhole can reacquaint many with the lost pleasures of reading.

We are not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts, but if you have a project that you feel fits into the Pigeonhole model then please do get into touch with a one-page proposal, along with a biography and a sample of your writing.

  1. Do you have a world- or game-changing book idea?
  2. Are you ambitious, fun and ahead of the curve?
  3. Are you thrilled by the opportunities presented by the internet and social media?
  4. Do you want to engage with your readers directly?
  5. Do you speak Pigeon?

Yes? Then we want to hear from you. Send us your complete work (fiction) or proposal (non-fiction/real-time book) submissions

Want to start a local Pigeonhole Salon?

Local Pigeonhole events are run by passionate volunteer hosts. Running a Pigeonhole salon offers the opportunity to bring together the literary community in your city and connect it to the global Pigeonhole movement. We work closely with every host to organise local events and identify talented local writers and artists. Enquiries to

Android Developer

Experienced developer capable of converting the iOS application into an Android application, and implementing the pipeline of new features. Further details available on request to

Work Experience Placements

We offer short term work experience placements in London and Berlin. Further details available on request to