The Pigeonhole is the global book club in your pocket

A book was once the best means of mass communication; now it is the phone. But there is no longer a need to choose between the two. The Pigeonhole is at the forefront of a new era of mobile reading, launching our titles in bite-sized instalments, or staves, designed to fit into every reader’s life.

We work with some of the biggest publishers in the world to bring our users the best in modern fiction. From bestselling authors like Minette Walters and Ken Follett, to exciting debuts and new voices, The Pigeonhole has your reading covered. Each serialisation is accompanied by bonus content – from interviews with the author to audio staves, playlists and photographs. Meet with the author and other readers inside the book as you read and comment on the book in real-time.

Launched in September 2014, The Pigeonhole has been nominated for the Digital Innovation Awards at the London Book Fair, Future Book’s Digital Campaign of the Year for its work promoting Ken Follett’s A Column of Fire, and its founding editor Anna Jean Hughes was named as a Rising Star of the publishing industry by The Bookseller magazine.

Some comments by our users

  • This has been the best book-reading experience ever.

  • Anyone else having mixed feelings about the end drawing near?

  • I am thankful to The Pigeonhole for introducing me to their digital bookclub. I was going to start another book, but it felt weird to read 'alone' without the possibility of commenting and discussing and sharing ideas and emotions with the other readers.

Working with these excellent people

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We collaborate with publishers to offer a new kind of platform through which to promote and sell Pigeon-picked books from your lists.

Here are just some of the benefits of partnering with us:


  • Boost the buzz for your book before it hits the shelf
  • Create a unique marketing angle for new titles, and capitalise on existing networks for established authors
  • Introduce your author to readers with an integrated commenting system
  • Enhance your book with embedded multimedia extras
  • Build a customised, branded book page for each of your titles
  • Reward superfans and create brand ambassadors by running exclusive pre-publication competitions


  • Interact with your readers direct to hear their thoughts on your books
  • Maximise Amazon and Goodreads ratings by funnelling readers through our read and review channels
  • Use our detailed data to learn all about your audience and how they’ve engaged with your title


  • Connect your author to Pigeonhole readers at our live events
  • Direct readers to your physical editions through our platform
  • Join the many publishers who have sent their titles to #1 thanks to a successful Pigeonhole campaign

For further details send an email to:

Jacob Cockcroft

Jacob is a lifelong book addict with a passion for blending the old and the new. With family origins in Zanzibar, he is a reformed corporate spy. Working extensively across Africa, he saw first hand the potential for mobile reading across emerging markets.

Anna Jean Hughes
Founder and Editorial Director

Anna has been in the publishing industry for almost ten years, working in editorial at Random House and then for Peter Fraser & Dunlop, a prominent literary agency. She works with books across all genres but particularly popular fiction. She was named a Rising Star of the publishing industry by The Bookseller, and shortlisted for the Digital Achiever of the Year Award at the Future Book Conference 2015.

Laurence Kilpatrick
Head Project Manager

After spending time working in legal publishing, and then living as a teacher in southern India, Laurence has worked in a variety of different areas for The Pigeonhole. As well as keeping track of developments in the world of non-fiction, offering bespoke book recommendations to our business book club clients, Laurence oversees all of The Pigeonhole's serialisations and publisher relationships and ensures that the range and breadth of high-quality authors on the platform continues to grow.

Victoria Hughes-Williams
Project Manager

Having started her career in trade publishing at HarperCollins, Victoria then moved to Constable & Robinson, and more recently to Pan Macmillan as Senior Commissioning Editor. Drawing on her twelve years’ experience publishing bestselling fiction, Victoria works with publishers to deliver standout Pigeonhole reading experiences and campaigns. In her spare time, she volunteers as a writing mentor at The Ministry of Stories.

Ellenor Pickles
Project Manager

Ellie’s DNA consists of nothing more than caffeine and literature. She published her first poem at fifteen and since then has been awarded an Editor’s Choice Award and Third Place Ambassador’s Prize for other published works of fiction. Before turning 21, Ellie achieved a degree in Creative Writing at Roehampton University, where she became acquainted with The Pigeonhole, falling in love with everything it stood for. When she isn’t managing projects with The Pigeonhole, you can find her walking her dog, out in the sticks, amongst the Kentish countryside.

Ned Davies
Data Analytics / Project Manager

Having cut his teeth analysing neuroscience data, Ned has brought his data-driven approach to our team. He uses this to help us constantly improve our delivery of projects. He loves the promise that technology shows in helping understand behaviour and improve experiences. Unsurprisingly for a scientist, his favourite genre is dystopian fiction.

Paola Palencia
Lead Designer

Paola is a world-class user experience designer. Originally specialising in industrial design, she cut her teeth in the luxury design industry in New York before transitioning to the digital world. Her key focus is premium brand community-based platforms. She has ambitions to set up a Pigeonhole editorial hub in Mexico City!

Walid van Boetzelaer
Lead Developer

Walid is a full stack developer. When he is not building websites, you can find him exploring the possibilities of technology in interaction and performance-related projects. As a Pigeon, his tasks range from making sure everything goes smoothly on the technical side, to implementing new features. He believes The Pigeonhole can reacquaint many with the lost pleasures of reading.

Work Experience Placements

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Junior Project Managers
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