Sex Staves

Everybody needs a little more sex in their life, and the Pigeon has you covered with a sensational anthology from veteran eroticists and virgin voices alike. This collection is a Pigeonhole Original and as such is a book of which we are very proud. To titillate you all the more, we've even crafted some aural pleasure to go with it, read by a  bevy of saucy actors. We like to spoil our birds, so subscribe to something spectacular for this Steak & Blow Job Day.

Not for the faint-hearted, but are you firm of mind?

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About the author

We have stories from Alexander Starritt, Emily Rees Jones, James Miller, Octavia Bright, Steven Sherrill, Jamie Collinson, Mairéad Bell, Dorcas Pelling, Krishan Coupland, Imogen Hermes Gowar, Benjamin Savva, Louisa Bird and Owen Clayborn.

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Why We Like It

  • Excellent literary erotica that will blow your... mind.
  • Beautifully produced audio with every stave.
  • Can you pass the blush test with these one-hand reads?

Something is coming . . .

We thought we'd skip the “I've come to fix your fridge bit” and give you a peek at what's waiting for you:

Heat and musk, between him and the girl. Her musk, her heat, just there, and everywhere." 

Pull my hair and stuff me with sausages. I can take it, I'm a Northerner, like you.”

“Sometimes she felt her sex gulp

“Her legs opened slightly as she fell back, her lips swollen and heavy, glistening with the remnants of something.”

“As her ass is in the air I push her pants aside and slip my finger in, while wondering if I should get naked.”

Vagina is brutal, tangy and tart. Pussy too childish and euphemistic, my sex is not kittenish, how dare you diminish it, shrink it to a small furry package. Cunt has its place, and when it’s right it fits snug and tight.”

“For a brief moment her anus was wide open, and as perfectly round as a mouse hole in a mud bank, a red-tinged darkness inside, before contracting to a smooth, fleshy paper-cut.”

She actually drops to her knees, and my cock stiffens. Maybe I'll put it in her mouth. Maybe I'll choke her with it.”


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