JAMAICA. 1692.
The Caribbean colonies are quick to swallow up African slaves, but working alongside them are the indentured whites, men willing to offer their bodies to seven years of servitude for the promise of a new life and ownership of land in a foreign paradise. But Calumny Spinks is there against his will, embroiled in a plot that is sure to see him and his loved ones dead before the year is out. 

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About the author

Scatterwood is Piers Alexander’s second novel. Piers, who is also a serial media entrepreneur, lives in London with the singer-songwriter and author Rebecca Promitzer.

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Why We Like It

  • Historical joy-riding at its best
  • Feel the sticky heat and searing injustice of a bygone world
  • Piers Alexander is fast becoming an It-Voice in the genre

Meet Piers

Piers Alexander was born in England but brought up in Luxembourg in a 1970s, expat society. After his return to Britain, and the ensuing culture shock, he studied Politics and imagined himself President-for-life of the entire world. Fortunately, he started meeting girls instead. This led to him meeting the most interesting of all girls, Rebecca, and marriage followed five years later. Along with a dog called Lulu. 

After the requisite years as a wage-slave, he quit his job at 30, borrowed some money and began a short stint in corporate life. But he’s jacked much of that in so that he can dedicate himself to time-travel via words. It's taken a little longer than he thought. It was harder than he thought. He got way more broke than he had ever considered possible. And it has been the best time of his life. The Bitter Trade is the first book in the series, Scatterwood the second.

TLC's Pen Factor Winner 2013
Global Ebook Award Winner 2014, Modern European Historical Fiction

WH Smith's Fresh Talent of the Year Award, 2015 & 2017

Read just some of the praise for the The Bitter Trade :

“A fantastic debut novel”
Robert Elms, BBC Radio London

“This is an epic adventure, full of pungent period detail, a Dickensian cast of vibrant characters, plus a complex and brilliantly conceived plot which makes your head spin. 17th century London comes fully to life so wholly, you itch to return . . . This is a beautifully written story, a master class in voice, character and description. So many lines stopped me in my tracks to just admire the craftsmanship of this prose.”
JJ Marsh, Bookmuse

“The ambitious, cheeky Calumny Spinks is a great guide through the sensory overload of 17th century London, in an adventure that combines unexpected insights with just the right amount of rollicking ribaldry. I hope it’s the opener to a series.”
Christopher Fowler, author of the Bryant and May novels

“This debut novel is a gripping evocation of late seventeenth century London, rich in persuasive dialect and period detail and with a bold protagonist. An unusual thriller that just keeps you wanting to know more about the many facets of this story.”
Daniel Pembrey, bestselling author of The Candidate

Perhaps the best book I’ve read this year. Rollicking historical fiction set in 17th century London. It’s brilliant. Read it!”
David Gaughran, bestselling author of Mercenary and A Storm Hits Valparaiso

A very exciting and superbly researched novel
Mel Ulm, The Reading Life

An excellent debut novel by a talented author. Piers Alexander will be a writer to watch
The Historical Novel Society

“Full of lust, crime, corruption and downright malevolence . . . Although indelibly grubby, the metropolitan stage forms the perfect counterpoint to this wonderfully spun novel that is lucid, lurid and fleet-of-foot . . . An addictive read that assaulted my sense.The Bitter Trade is very highly recommended.”
Tim Beresford,  Your Living City’s Top 5 Books for Autumn 2014

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