Mud, Maul, Mascara: How I Led My Country, and Lived to Tell the Tale

Catherine Spencer was the captain of the England women’s rugby team for three years. 

She scored eighteen tries for England, won six of the eight Six Nations competitions she took part in, and captained her team to three championship titles, a European cup, two Nations Cup tournament victories and the World Cup final held on home soil in 2010, which thrust women’s rugby into the limelight. 

All of this while holding down a full-time job, because the women’s team, unlike the men’s, did not get paid for their sport.

About the author

Catherine Spencer is a former captain of the England women's rugby team. She has written for mainstream and rugby media, and appeared as a studio pundit and commentator for the BBC and Sky Sports. She was named England Player Of The Year in 2006, and received a Rugby Union Writers' Club Special Award in 2011. She is the founder of the speaker agency Inspiring Women.

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Why We Like It

  • Mud, Maul, Mascara is painfully honest about the mental struggles Catherine faced during, and after, her career as an elite athlete.
  • Warm, Funny and Inspirational
  • A book for anyone who has ever had a dream, or self-doubt, or a yearning for a really good, mud-proof mascara.

Catherine Spencer has a degree in philosophy, an impressive collection of handbags, and 63 England caps under her belt. She started playing mini rugby at her local club in Folkestone, aged 8; won the title of Most Improved Player at 11; and went on to captain her country for three years. 

After retiring from international rugby in 2011, Catherine founded the speaker agency Inspiring Women, a company designed to share women's stories of determination, belief, focus, trust, leadership, communication, teamwork and sacrifice with organisations who could benefit from them. Their motto is “Inspire. Believe. Achieve.” She is now a patron of the charity Tag Rugby Trust, a Kent Ambassador, helping to promote the county, an ambassador for Shepway Sports Trust and an associate with Switch the Play. She is currently putting together a new women’s team at Old Elthamians Rugby Club.

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