Galactic Keegan

The near future. Earth has been invaded by the L'zuhl, an aggressive, imperialistic alien race who have laid waste to the galaxy for centuries. The few human survivors have been evacuated to the farthest reaches of space to rebuild and fight back against the L'zuhl onslaught.

There, on the distant planet of Palangonia, in a large, walled compound that houses the new human colony, lives the former Newcastle United and England boss Kevin Keegan, now manager of Palangonia FC.

As the war rages, Keegan would love it if he could focus on the most important thing – picking up three points on Saturday against the neighbouring nebula – but with whispers of a L'zuhl spy on the loose in the compound, it falls to Keegan himself to find the culprit before it's too late...

About the author

Scott Innes was born in 1984 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and is now based in East Sussex. He has worked for the NHS for over fifteen years. Scott has been the writer of the @GalacticKeegan Twitter account since early 2014

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Why We Like It

  • If you enjoy science-fiction, comedy and entertaining stories filled with twists and turns, drama and excitement, pathos and humour, then yes: this book is absolutely for you!
  • @GalacticKeegan features more than just gags or observations about football. It tells an ongoing story with stakes, cliffhangers and characters people care about. So there is nobody better equipped than Scott Innes to perfect this novel. 
  • With 71.1k followers on twitter, @GalacticKeegan has made his readers gasp, laugh and cry since 2014.

Scott Innes was born in 1984 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire (which also happens to be the hometown of a certain Kevin Keegan). He is now based in East Sussex, where he lives with his wife and their cat. He graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2005 and has worked for the NHS in various capacities for almost fifteen years. After a dalliance with low-budget film-making, including one very amateurishly made student film that somehow managed to feature Stephen Fry as the narrator, he realised his real passion had always been for writing. Scott has been the writer of the Galactic Keegan Twitter account since early 2014, in which time it has accumulated more than 70,000 followers. 

When not writing, Scott is a keen reader, armchair football fan and worrier. He keeps telling himself that he’ll definitely get back into practising the piano again. One of these days. Probably. Maybe.

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