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Read, Learn, Discuss.

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We have teamed up with HarperCollins to bring the best books for young people to schools across the UK. Students can read and comment with their classmates and other students in our secure digital book club.

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Students can access the books in a familiar way – using an app (or a web-reader) which encourages them to keep up with their classmates as each instalment is released. The Rathbones Bookbubble is a social reading experience for students across the country.

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  • Hand-Picked

    You choose from HarperCollins’ selection of fantastic children’s literature

  • Discuss

    Read together with classmates and engage with students across the UK

  • Reading Instalments

    Dripfeeding manageable instalments builds anticipation

  • On The Go

    Students keep reading at home via our app or web-reader

  • Data & Monitoring

    Feedback on student engagement and reading rates

Benefits for your students

  • A free reading initiative to encourage literacy and discussion amongst secondary-school students
  • Inspire students’ curiosity and imagination with books from the world’s best authors
  • Perfect to use as part of a lesson or assign as independent learning for students
  • Special extra content from authors including videos and Q&As
Benefits students

Benefits for your staff

Benefits teachers
  • Utilise The Pigeonhole’s monitoring system to keep track of student reading
  • Take advantage of fantastic new fiction content from HarperCollins 
  • An innovative new way to re-engage with books
  • Encourage learning beyond the classroom

What teachers say

  • The way in which pupils can read regularly, and engage in discussion with their peers all across the country, has been a fantastic way to introduce a whole new love of reading

  • For our avid readers, the ability to comment on texts brought a new dimension to reading. The staves are inspired - they provide manageable chunks and create a sense of anticipation.

  • I believe it is an innovative way to introduce reading for pleasure outside of school. Pupils have particularly liked the way it combines technology with reading.

  • It engaged more students in reading fiction than usual.

What students say

  • This was the best experience ever!

  • It was cool to communicate with people around the country who were the same age as us.

  • It was great to see what other people thought about the book.

  • It worked well as you had choice on the book you read and you could write feedback on parts that you enjoyed or found interesting.

For more information, contact Laurence at laurence@thepigeonhole.com


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Join our commmunity of readers or read with friends in your own private book club.


And read it in bite-sized instalments – called staves – that fit busy modern lives.


Save your favourite bits and leave thoughts to connect with fellow readers.


Beautiful extras in the margins immerse you in the world of each book.

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