The Traitor of Treasure Island

Buried for nearly three hundred years and now brought triumphantly to light by Dr Livesey, this is, at last, the true story of what happened on the fateful Treasure Island…

The apple of his mother’s eye and the bane of many another’s existence, Jim Hawkins suffers from many deficiencies of character. So it’s perhaps unsurprising that he falls into bad company.

When Billy Bones visits his parents’ inn, the Admiral Benbow, he introduces Jim to some of the most ruthless pirates ever known. Whilst fascinated by the handsome, charismatic —and possibly psychopathic — Captain Flint, Jim is also drawn into the orbit of Long John Silver, a feared pirate and leader of men, albeit on his own, very distinctive, terms. Motivated by self-interest, Jim moves between the two camps to manipulate everyone involved, with some hideous results.

Fortunately, when Jim ventures to the treasure island he is accompanied by his half-brother, who is not the brightest but a crack shot, and Dr Livesey, a fine man who happens to be in love with Jim’s mother. But can they outfox a roster of literature’s dastardliest pirates?

About the author

John Drake trained as a biochemist to post-doctorate research level before realising he was no good at science. His working career was in the television department of ICI until 1999 when he became a full-time writer. 

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Why We Like It

  1. "Simply an excellent book...The authenticity is palpable, the story engrossing, the characters completely human. Of the many spin-offs that Treasure Island has inspired over the years, this one truly stands out." - James L. Nelson, author of The Only Life that Mattered and Fin Gall
  2. "A novel and refreshing take on a classic...instantly captivating with a well-crafted plot that definitely keeps the pages turning." - Alaric Bond, author of the Fighting Sail series.
  3. "John Drake writes beautifully, and you’ll be torn between savouring the words and quickly flipping the pages" - Nelson DeMille, New York Times bestselling author on Games in Londinium

John's hobby is muzzle-loading shooting, and his interests are British history and British politics (as a spectator), plus newspapers, TV news, and current affairs. He is married with a son and two grandchildren.

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