Stick a Flag In It

From the Norman Invasion in 1066 to the eve of the First World War, Stick a Flag in It is a thousand-year jocular journey through the history of Britain and its global empire.

The British people have always been eccentric, occasionally ingenious and, sure, sometimes unhinged – from mad monarchs to mass-murdering lepers. Here, Arran Lomas shows us how they harnessed those traits to forge the British nation, and indeed the world, we know today.

Follow history’s greatest adventurers from the swashbuckling waters of the Caribbean to the vast white wasteland of the Antarctic wilderness, like the British spy who infiltrated a top-secret Indian brothel and the priest who hid inside a wall but forgot to bring a packed lunch. At the very least you’ll discover Henry VIII’s favourite arse-wipe, whether the flying alchemist ever made it from Scotland to France, and the connection between Victorian coffee houses and dildos.

Forget what you were taught in school – this is history like you’ve never heard it before, full of captivating historical quirks that will make you laugh out loud and scratch your head in disbelief.

About the author

Arran Lomas is the creator of Thoughty2, a YouTube channel with 2.5 million subscribers and over 400 million views that makes mind-blowing factual videos on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics. @Thoughty_2

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Why We Like It

  • This book will lead you down a gripping, often grizzly path of true history that is so unbelievable you couldn’t make it up.
  • You will be taken on a jaw-dropping journey from the Norman Invasion of 1066 that changed the future of Europe to the eve of the First World War.
  • Every major person, event and place in-between is brought vibrantly to life through powerful, pithy prose.

Raised in the beating heart of working-class Lancashire, the birthplace of two things that changed the world, the Industrial Revolution and the Butter Pie (wait - has that not caught on yet?) Arran is a qualified chef and graphic designer (don’t ask). He has worked as a software engineer and in that field of occupation where dreams and common sense go to die: marketing.

But in everything Arran has, often unwisely, done, one passion always nipped at his heels, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning. In 2012 he nervously decided to share some of the unusual things he had learnt on YouTube. After a year of posting videos online, somebody noticed, then someone else, then over two million other people noticed and subscribed to the Thoughty2 YouTube channel.

On his channel, Arran has covered almost every topic you could imagine: space, conspiracies, technology, crime, medicine, food and social issues, such as defending free speech. One topic, however, has always interested him more than all else. One topic has kept him up reading books until the early hours of the morning: history.

Growing up in England, a country with perhaps the richest historical narrative of all, sparked in him, a love affair with the medieval castles, crumbling abbeys and undulating green pastures of the island he is proud to call home. Over his entire adult life Arran has passionately indulged in all the literature he could find on the history of Great Britain and the global empire it spawned. Now Arran has put pen to paper (or, less romantically, finger to keyboard) and would like to share his unique version of this great story of a great nation with the truly great people who would like to come along for the ride. That’s you - he hopes.

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