Kate Keeling abandons all she knows to move to Haverscroft House in a desperate attempt to salvage her marriage. 

Unaware of the tragic secrets lurking behind its beautiful and decaying facade, Kate can’t ignore the creeping dread swelling within her as she settles her family and builds a home in a house she loathes.

Her workaholic husband, Mark, insists Kate’s growing fears are all in her mind. If she continues with fanciful imaginings she will be ill again and unable to care for their two children. Only when one of the twins asks about the people in the spare room does Kate begin to realise the danger within the walls of the house they now call home. 

Can she keep her children safe and escape Haverscroft House even if it will surely end her marriage?

About the author

S. A. Harris won The Retreat West Crime Writer Competition in 2017, and was shortlisted for The Fresher Prize in 2018.

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Why We Like It

  • ‘An atmospherically creepy ghost story that keeps you guessing till the end! Sally Harris is one to watch.’ —Angela Clarke
  • Haverscroft is a very modern ghost/psychological story. It’s written in an apparently effortless and easy style, which I’m sure this was a lot of hard work to achieve. The uncomplicated prose allows the mood and atmosphere of the novel to seep into your pores – this a genuinely gripping tale.’ —Paul Burke, NB Magazine
  • ‘Harris has creative a breathtaking portrayal of the damage caused by secrets and what happens when secrets and grievances refuse to die. Using the classic ghost story motifs surrounding lost children and troubled marriages Harris has written a bang up to date masterpiece. It’s domestic setting and attention to detail makes it entirely relatable and it is all the more bone-chilling for it.’ —Book Bound

S. A. Harris won The Retreat West Crime Writer Competition in 2017, and was shortlisted for The Fresher Prize in 2018. Haverscroft is her debut novel, she is now writing her second, a supernatural tale set on the Suffolk coast. She is a family law solicitor and lives in Norwich with her husband and three children.

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