The brand new instalment in the Simon Ellice Series.

Suzana Chesterfield, recently rescued from a gang of slave-traders by Simon Ellice, has come sailing with him to try to work out what to do with her life. And perhaps to find out whether the handsome, selfish, bastard should be part of it. 

When Si and Susie drop in the next bay on the tiny island of Cavallo, the Aquaviv family wonder what she sees in the cheerful, careless man. 

What they don't know is that behind his easy charm, lies a clear and subtle mind, and deep wellsprings of darkness; attributes which will soon be called upon... 

About the author

In his office you will find Rod typing, flanked by two enormous dogs, and surrounded by the ephemera he has collected on his travels.

Rod Humphris is the winner of N. N. Light Best Fiction Award 2016 @Rod_Humphris

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Why We Like It

  • "I started reading it one evening and finished it that same night. I loved it! As a character I have liked him from book one"
  • "A tonic for tough times." 
  • "As with the previous books the action is written smoothly and is easy on the eye to read. " 

Rod Humphris is the author of the Simon Ellice Series, a gripping collection of literary adventure thrillers starring new British anti-hero Si Ellice – an ex-soldier and trouble-finder as charismatic as he is objectionable.

Who is Simon Ellice? Rod explains, ‘In Si, we have a character who is, in many ways, completely objectionable – and he simply doesn’t care. He’s unapologetically male, self-assured, utterly capable and unencumbered by morality. He’s not ‘the good guy’. He doesn’t have a selfless inner drive to do the right thing. And he’s not some damaged underdog (flawed certainly, but damaged, no). He’s unpredictable, restless, and driven almost entirely by his appetites and aversions. I hope readers can enjoy the books as a guilty pleasure.’

Where did the inspiration for Simon Ellice come from? Rod says, ‘I find a lot of books these days to be fairly self-conscious ... you know, one eye in the mirror. I wanted to write stories which offer pure escapism, not just in terms of traveling the globe, encountering dark situations and characters, but escapism from the confines of modern life. In a world slowly capitulating to groupthink, Si offers wilful, cheerful abandonment of conformity.’

Rod is the winner of the N. N. Light Best Fiction Award 2016. He lives in Bath and when he isn’t writing, can be found walking his two enormous dogs in the countryside, or overseeing good cheer at The Raven pub, which he co-owns.

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